AGRA Sustainable Herbs and Spices


Where to buy it? Visit: Warung 1000 Kebun


Turmeric Powder (Medicinal Herbs): has antioxidant, antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory properties. 


Javaturmeric (Medicinal Herbs): treats indigestion, intestinal irritation. Helps treat liver and gall bladder problems, increases appetite, improves digestion. 


Royal Tea (Blend Tea): mix of natural-grown spices and sappan wood.

  • About Warung 1000 Kebun

    Warung Sehat 1000 Kebun provides local artisan fresh fruits and vegetables products that are grown organically. Also provides variety of flours, rice, spices, seasonings, pasta, snacks, healthy drinks and also seeds and gardening tools. 


    Visit their offline store in Jl. Boling no 26, Arcamanik, Bandung

    Working hours 08.00-17.00


    To learn more, give Warung 1000 Kebun a visit.

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