ecoBali Waste Collection & Recycling

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ecoBali helps you to take care of your waste responsibly. Whether for your household, villa, office, business, restaurant, hotel, community or school… ecoBali provides waste collection and recycling service that suits your needs.


ecoBali provides you with a two bin system. Green Bin for paper; Red Bin for glass, metal, plastic and other non-organic waste. Separation at source is key for recycling as much as possible. You choose how often per week you want ecoBali to collect your waste.


ecoBali helps you to get it right with a quick training. If you have staff, ecoBali is happy to provide further training to everybody. You will also receive ecoBali's great infographic as a reminder that you can always look up. In English and Indonesian.


ecoBali is operating its own sorting and material recovery facility (MRF) ensuring that your waste is properly managed and will not become a burden to Bali’s beautiful environment.


ecoBali's focus is to maximize recycling, reduce quantity of waste to landfill and promote composting. ecoBali guarantees the disposal of the remaining residue only in legal facilities.


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Fees for households start as low as 115.000 IDR per month (min. 6 months subscription) and will be calculated according to the required bin size and collection frequency. For offices and businesses prices are quoted after inspection and assessing your needs.

  • About ecoBali

    ecoBali was established in 2006 in response to the urgency of waste management problems in the island of Bali. Aside from operating their own sorting and material recovery facility (MRF), ecoBali also provides products that help you to reduce waste and support your zero waste lifestyle.


    To learn more, give ecoBali a visit. 

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    Do not forget to ask the seller to go for a plastic-free packaging! Recycled and used materials are even better.