Menuju Rumah Minim Sampah


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#BelajarZeroWaste: Menuju Rumah Minim Sampah is written by DK Wardhani, an Indonesian writer who is actively reducing her waste at home. This book contains full color guide, is easy to understand and is delightful for all readers. A book that will invite us all to bring a ZERO WASTE HOME into reality. 


Reflection journal
Tips on how to minimize waste
Tips on how to minimize plastic use
Fun illustrations


Book Specification
Cover: Soft Cover, Art Carton
Page: 180 fullcolor pages, Bookpaper
Size: 23 x 15 cm
Plastic wrap-free packaging

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    Zero Waste Indonesia (ZWID) is the first online-based community and advocacy in Indonesia that was established in 2018 with the purpose to promote Zero Waste Lifestyle to people in Indonesia. Their website includes a webstore to provide goods that are essential to support a zero waste lifestyle and other features that they hope can become an accesible source of information for the Indonesian people.


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