Sadari Sedari Online Garage Sale


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Sadari Sedari regularly receives used clothes and sorts them into three categories:


1. Branded and wearable clothes

The clothes in this category are in pristine condition and are presentable to be sold in shops. Sadari Sedari sells the clothes in this category through Instagram and garage sale, starting from IDR50,000.


2. Wearable clothes

The clothes in this category are still wearable, but they are not branded and are not in a pristine condition as the clothes in category 1. The price range is between IDR5,000 - 50,000 per piece.


3. Worn off clothes

The clothes in this category are not wearable and are not marketable. Several parameters for this category including: has holes, torn, faded, shabby. Sadari Sedari will upcycle the clothes through its Reka Rika program. 

  • About Sadari Sedari

    Sadari Sedari is an educational and environmental non-profit organization that collects wearable secondhand clothes from the public and resells them to the public through online and offline means. The profit generated from the sales will be donated to support the education and development of foster children of LKSA Nurul Ihsan, including their school tuition, supporting facilities and regular workshops held by Sadari Sedari to foster the creativity of the foster children.


    Sadari Sedari is also dedicated to introducing eco-lifestyle to the public, such as 3R (reduce, reuse, recycle), less waste and many more.


    To learn more, give Sadari Sedari a visit.

  • Before you shop...

    We know this product is so amazing that you cannot wait to have it!


    However, let's get in touch with your honest self before you make the purchase by asking yourself these questions:

    • Do I really need it?
    • Will I cherish it for a long time?


    If the answer is yes, then go for it!

  • Last touch

    Do not forget to ask the seller to go for a plastic-free packaging! Recycled and used materials are even better.