Semalu Top in Natural


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Semalu Top is an A-line top made with hand-woven cotton that has a unique texture, yet soft and comfortable to wear because it absorbs moisture from your skin. The wide cutting is suitable for all body types. You can wear it both with buttons in the front or on the back.


Material: Cotton rayon, undyed


Size: All size fit to L

Chest 76 cm
Shoulder 36 cm
Length 60 cm
Sleeve -
Waist 121 cm


Note: Due to the instability of natural dye, the color of each piece that you receive may slightly differ.

  • About Jalin

    Jalin is a multidisciplinary studio based in Bandung, Indonesia, that offers breathable naturally dyed daily apparel. Established from the founders' deep concern to the environment, Jalin explores natural materials and natural dyes, and develops ideas to create essential and functional necessities in daily life. It is their hope to make a positive difference by producing their products in the most natural way, creating a thoughtful design and consuming mindfully.


    To learn more, give Jalin a visit.

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  • Last touch

    Do not forget to ask the seller to go for a plastic-free packaging! Recycled and used materials are even better.